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Childrens Health

Keeping your family safe during COVID

The Wessex Healthier Together website is an excellent resources for parents, carers and young people (via information leaflets, self-care advice, & guidance on when and how to access appropriate local healthcare services).


Healthier Together

Baby Check App is a free app to download developed by Birmingham Hospital trust and asks 19 questions and tells you if it sounds like your baby is well, mildly ill or you need to seek medical advice. This is a great app if you are not very confident about your baby's health.

Breast feeding friendly

We are a breastfeeding-friendly practice – you are welcome to breastfeed in our waiting room or we will try to find a room for you if you prefer privacy. If you are pregnant and have questions about breastfeeding and medication we are happy to advise.


Breastfeeding not only helps to protect babies from common childhood infections, reflux and constipation but also protects mothers and babies in later life from Obesity and some cancers!


If you need help or advice on breastfeeding please speak to your midwife or health visitor who can refer you for specialist support or contact the Southampton National Childbirth Trust who run drop ins and breastfeeding advice over the phone


Out and about? Check out breastfeeding-friendly venues near you


When Should I worry - Booklet (PDF, 1.4MB)

It is not necessary for a GP to prescribe an Item for a child so this can be administered by a teacher at school. Some schools insist that an item such as paracetamol is only given if prescribable instructions are on the bottle.

Please click here OTC medicine letter for school (PDF, 85KB) to download a letter from the LMC (local medical committee) addressed to the head teacher explaining this.

Childhood Immunisation Information

Childhood Immunisation Timeline (PDF, 113KB)

Parent’s preparation guide for pre-school vaccines (PDF, 199KB)

Measles Mumps and rubella Leaflet (PDF, 243KB)


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