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We are research active – what does this mean?

Conducting high quality clinical research helps us to keep improving NHS care by finding out what treatments work best and to help improve our clinical decision making.

As a practice we are keen to participate in research to improve future care. In order to do this, we need you, as patients to participate.

You may therefore be asked if you would like to participate in a clinical research study, either in person when you attend the surgery or via a letter in the post. Alternatively, if you have heard about a study and wonder whether you are eligible and would like to consider taking part, then please ask your nurse or Doctor to find out more.

Participating in research is optional and it is important to be aware that you are under no obligation in which to participate. However you may well find it a rewarding experience to help shape the future care in the NHS.

How do I find out the results of research studies that I participate in?

Some studies will inform you directly as a patient, the outcomes of a particular study. However, this is not always the case and it can take many months and if not years for us to be informed the results of some studies. We will endeavour as a practice to inform our patients of any studies once we know them.

What studies are currently be undertaken at The Old Fire Station?

We have several studies currently running and we have listed these below. We will aim to keep this list as updated as possible.

PROMDEP - Depression

Support Back2 – non-specific low back pain (PDF, 315KB)

ATTACK – chronic kidney disease

BEE – emollients for childhood eczema.

Empathica (PDF, 305KB)

RENEWED - cancer (PDF, 302KB)

SIBIMS – Bladder infections and the brain (PDF, 314KB)

If you would like more information on the research we are currently participating in please ask to speak with Kathy Chamberlain at the Surgery.

Studies no longer recruiting or inactive

No Longer Rucruiting - MULTICATH For intermittent catheter users (PDF, 162KB)

No Longer Rucruiting - CANDID CANcer DIagnosis Decision rules study (PDF, 279

No Longer Rucruiting - LOCATE LOcal CAre and Treatment Evaluation (Liver disease) (PDF, 164KB

No Longer Rucruiting - FAST Four-Fold Asthma Study (PDF, 166KB

No Longer Rucruiting - Home BP (PDF, 166KB

No Longer Rucruiting - Endobarrier (PDF, 167KB

No Longer Rucruiting - SIMS (Multiple Sclerosis study being carried out by the MS society) (PDF, 170KB

No Longer Rucruiting - NIPPER (PDF, 187KB

No Longer Rucruiting - FAME Acute Fatigue and Management in everyday practice (PDF, 190KB

No Longer Rucruiting - INEXIS Asthma Study (PDF, 187KB

No Longer Rucruiting - DIPPS Self management Asthma Study (PDF, 177KB

No Longer Rucruiting - CLASP Feasability Study (PDF, 186KB

No Longer Rucruiting - ARRISA At Risk Rigister Integrated into Primary Care to Stp Asthma crises in the UK (PDF, 187KB

We recently asked out patient group what they felt about us as a surgery undertaking research, please see the following positive summary of results. Research Questionnaire results summary (PDF, 70KB)


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